My life during covid-19 pandemic


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    Although the COVID-19 pandemic has affected some aspects of my life, I would say that overall, I have been one of the fortunate people who has not been too negatively impacted. As of right now, no one close to me has been infected, and I hope that does not change in the days that follow this publication. Everyone should continue to practice social seclusion and remain in their homes for those in my life who are particularly vulnerable. As a student, I have found it difficult to deal with education, especially when it has been difficult for us students to comprehend the lesson. During online classes, we faced difficulties like slow internet, a lack of gadgets, and a lack of direct instruction from teachers. I'm happy and eager to meet new friends, professors, and students, though, as the face-to-face lessons will soon start.

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    one of the benefits of project is d. evaluation, on how you manage things or evaluation on what you can do!

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    A)lupang hinirang ilaw law gid gali
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