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Write 10 grammatically correct sentences about idiomatic expressions


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    1. Idiomatic expressions are a type of informal language that have a meaning different from the meaning of the words in the expression.

    2. An idiom is a widely used saying or expression that contains a figurative meaning that is different from the phrase's literal meaning.

    3. An idiom, also called idiomatic expression is an expression, word, or phrase that has a figurative meaning conventionally understood by native speakers.

    4. Idiomatic expressions are groups of words with an established meaning unrelated to the meanings of the individual words.

    5. Sometimes called an expression, an idiom can be very colorful and make a 'picture' in our minds.

    6. For example, if you say you're feeling “under the weather,” you don't literally mean that you're standing underneath the rain.

    7. There are estimated to be at least 25,000 idiomatic expressions in the English language.

    8. This meaning is different from the literal meaning of the idiom's individual elements.

    9. In other words, idioms don't mean exactly what the words say.

    10. Categorized as formulaic language, an idiom's figurative meaning is different from the literal meaning.


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    this story happened a long time ago, when our country was being ruled by the spaniards.

    rosang taba works as a servant in the home of the governor-general and his wife carmen. one afternoon, rosa gathers enough courage to challenge the commander of the spanish forces, jaime villareal, to a race after hearing him say the filipinos-orindios- "are lazy, boorish, unorganized have no courage, no morals, no civilization."

    find out in the story how rosang taba gained her and her family's freedom as a result of the outcome of the race, and, more importantly, what values prompted her to instigate the race.

    ang kuwentong ito ay nangyari matagal na panahon na ang nakalilipas, noong ang ating bansa ay pinamamahalaan ng mga kastila.

    si rosang taba ay namamasukan bilang tagasilbi sa tahanan ng gobernador-heneral at ng asawa nitong si carmen. isang hapon, nagkaroon ng sapat na lakas ng loob si rosa na hamunin sa isang karera ang komandante ng hukbong-sandatahan ng españa, si jaime villareal, pagkatapos niyang marinig itong sabihin na ang mga pilipino-o indio-"ay tamad, walang galang, walang pagkakaisa, walang tapang, walang moralidad, walang kasibilisaduhan."

    alamin sa kuwentong ito kung paano nakamit ni rosang taba ang kalayaan niya at kanyang pamilya dala ng resulta ng paligsahan, at, higit sa lahat, kung anong halagahan ang nagbunsod sa kanya na isulsol ang karera. (less)

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