History of Thai clothing and explain


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    History Of Thai Clothing

    Thai traditional clothing varies according to the city and ruler of the time. Thai clothing can be divided into six different historical periods beginning in the 6th century. Traditional Thai clothing was once worn on a daily basis. However, it is now only worn on auspicious occasions such as traditional Thai weddings. Thai Buddhist wedding rituals are often divided into two parts. There is a Buddhist component of chanting prayers and offering food and other gifts to monks and Buddha statues, and a non-Buddhist component focused on the couple's family. Previously, Buddhist monks were not allowed to be present at wedding ceremonies. Monks were required to care for the dead at funerals, so their presence in marriage (associated with fertility and intended to produce offspring) was seen as an ominous omen. Some couples sought blessings from local temples before and after their wedding and asked certain monks for astrological help in choosing an auspicious day for their wedding. The non-Buddhist aspects of the wedding are held outside the temple on separate days.
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History of Thai clothing and explain...