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    here is an example of a millennial generation speech:

    millennials. generation y. people who are born from the year 1980’s to early 2000’s. evolution, growth, advancement, development, all brought by the advancement of technology. as people living in the era where technological inventions are sprouting like seeds planted on fertile soil, i cannot help but think of the tremendous changes that happened in the past years. may it be on the personal or professional level, people have made it possible to go along with the changes and adapt to the evolving environment. 

    people started being outspoken and adventurous. gone are the days that people would be merely silent and wait for someone in power to begin the speech. in this generation, if a person knows something, expect that he/she will do everything to voice out his/her opinions. 

    people began advocating for gender equality. admit it or not, the country was once flocked by women staying at home, taking good care of the children, and doing household chores while the husband would go to the work for the entire day and provide for the family. nowadays, both men and women are working and are providing for the needs of the family. a wife cannot be anymore being measured anymore based on the limitations dictated by the home boundaries but on what she can do for the family and the community. 

    people resorted to vices such as gambling, drinking, smoking, gaming, and all the other forms of routine practices. more often than not, these newly acquired and practiced vices have adverse effects on one’s health. thus, the reason behind the decreasing life expectancy of people compares to the people from the previous generations.

    the thing is, there are multiple ways on how we can describe and characterize the millennial generation. what is utmost important now is to make sure that we make use of the changes being offered in front of us as opportunities to improve, get better, and live a better life.

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    Ithink the head of korean family is the father
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    as for the story elements, the story was organized logically. the author did contrast the sacrifice of jose abad santos and using some figurative language on the   introduction of the story. in addition to that, every move of pepito and jose was described well.

    as for the body of the story, the story was not edited by the author, the things that happened every minute… every hour of his life. and again, some figurative languages was used. 

    as for the resolution, the ending is very tragic not just for his family but also for his country."they heard the muffled volley. then all was silence.”, the meaning of the last words of the story is the death and the execution of jose abad santos.

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    If we all live on peace, we will have a peaceful world, literally.. haha we will also be as one ..
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