Mag ka ibang bigkas sa; ka sa; ka


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    sa:KA- ito ay isang hanap buhay o gawain ng mga magsasaka o magbubukid.

    SA:ka- salitang ginagamit upang magdagdag ng impormasyon, detalye, o pangungusap sa isang pangungusap

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    W is an abbreviation used for width. 3. In gaming, when using the WASD keys to control a character or another object, the "W" is the same as the up arrow key. Also, in gaming "W" is an abbreviation for "win."

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    Understanding the language of the electrical trade and knowing what electrical equipment

    is named and its purpose are very important. Anyone who is exposed to a new job must not

    only learn how to perform the tasks that come with the job, but must also understand specific

    information that is unique to the job. In electrical construction, knowing the terminology and

    being able to identify components and equipment are important skills to learn, especially for

    new workers. Electrical workers will be continually challenged to learn about innovations with

    equipment, tools, and processes involved with the trade.

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    W=Complimentary wine and cheese


    A=AAA discount available

    B=Complimentary breakfast

    C=Complimentary coffee

    D=Complimentary evening cocktail

    E=European style hotel

    F=Free local phone calls


    G=Parking available

    H= Complimentary use of health facilities

    HL=Historic landmark

    I=In-room appliances-coffee maker, iron/ironing board, and hairdryer

    J=Complimentary use of Pennhealth facilities

    K=Kitchen facilities

    L=Complimentary local transportation shuttle (as available)

    M=No maid service

    N=Complimentary daily newspaper

    NRHP=National Register of Historic Places

    O=Only accommodations are shared baths

    P=Indoor Pool

    Q=Evening Snacks

    R=Reserved rooms for NWAV 24

    S=Some accommodations are for shared baths

    T=Complimentary afternoon tea

    U=Complimentary center city shuttle service

    V=Valet parking available

    W=Complimentary wine and cheese

    WD=Washer/dryer available


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    Wide Area Network?

    It can also be width, or WASD for gaming

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