Ilarawan ang kultura at lipunan ng brazil, ipaliwanag.
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    the short story called “preludes” was written by darryll delgado. this talks about nenita who is a wife of a cheater.

    reading the story was so intensed because of the happenings. there were also lots of words that could be a symbolism which somehow makes it confusing, however it ends with a theme that should be acknowledge by everybody and that is inequality. the mistreatment of one gender to another has happened before and is still happening right now.

    at first i thought it will be a simple short story with no hidden meanings whatsoever but then i actually have to think further to understand it which made me have to read it again and again to fully grasp the story. i recall that i was thinking about how the husband died because of his sickness, yes, he did died because he was ill, however there was more than that which is why i had to read it once more. one of the guide question in the book was “who killed the husband? ” this gives me the idea that someone actually killed nenita’s husband. however, i did not know that it was actually her that did it. nenita’s husband cheated on her numerous times yet she did not care or she acted like she didn’t. according to a psychologist, there are differnt reasons as to why a man would cheat just like immaturity, selfishness and unrealistic expectations which means that he believes on something that his partner cannot give and so he would find it another person (weiss, 2017). her husband probably has the same reasons however nenita continued to nurse him despite how badly he treated her. she killed him slowly, using something that no one could suspect it was her. now, i know why she kept on nursing him although he kept on cheating, it was because she was planning something wicked.


    although what nenita did was absolutely immoral, she had reasons and she wanted it to to be gone. it is just very sad knowing that even her own husband is someone whom she cannot trust. i feel very frustrated because of what her husband did. he had a wife, yet he asked for more. i could not tolerate it as well if i was nenita, however killing someone is too much for me, no matter what the reason is, i would rather let god handle it and let him decide what is for the best. i know that if a husband cheated on his wife or vice versa, they will have to suffer the consequences.

    the message that i got from this story is that many people are not contented with what they have which can be the reason why they sin. it’s natural if you want to get richer (by doing it right, of course) or if you want to get higher grades but cheating on your own wife is not something that is “natural” that is why i believe that the law could have been helpful for nanita however laws are not always useful because there are people behind that could stop it so that’s probably why nanita punished him in her own hands. if only they both love each other truly like how they should be this could have been prevented.


    cheating is one thing but there are also other causes that makes you wonder, “where is the humanity? ” sometimes it’s better to live in your dream than in reality because it makes you realize how cruel the world is. all these problems we encounter makes me aware that we should do something about it. it does affect how i appreciate the reality of life because as human beings we should help one another and unite as one but what we do is ruin each other.

    according to santosh kalwar, “we cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.” i hope that each and everyone will learn something about this short story. cheating on someone is never good and mistreating other people won’t be beneficial. if we keep on hurting each other, when will we ever live a happy life?

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    Piunagdaanang buhay ni florante at ni laura sa kahariang albanya
      kinuhà sa madláng cuadro histórico o pinturang nagsasabi sa mg̃á nangyari nang unang panahón sa imperyo ng̃  gresya, at tinulâ ng̃ isáng matuwaín sa bersong  tagálog
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    Ang kahulugan nyan ay mahinhin
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