Anong kalagayang panlipunan ang masasalim sa dula? may pagkakatulad o pagkakaiba ba ito sa ngayon?


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    arthur p. casanova recounts the story of datu abdul sampilna a maguindanaoan from the city of cotabato (1983).

    in the past, there was one named usman. he is believed to be living in a distant sultanate and is a slave. usman was bold, dark and brown. above all, he is faithful.

    one morning, usman decided to visit the market near the palace of the leading sage named zacaria. zacaria's behavior is bad. he's cruel and ugly. because he did not receive his form, he made a law that all men who are superior to his physical form should be caught and disappeared.

    at the market, usman saw the men of sultan zacaria. the sultan's staff quickly reportedly saw usman feel that they were more attractive than the sultan. the sultan immediately ordered to imprison usman and then kill it. staff immediately followed the sultan's order.

    when potre maasita saw, usman's daughter was a sultan, she immediately felt love at the first meeting of the binate. he hurried to go to his father sultan and begged to forgive and condemn usman.

    "for your mercy, father, release usman. he has no sin, "pleaded with the young lady.

    but the sultan was very cruel. she did not listen to her son's plea.

    "no one can stop me," he said to himself.

    "hu, hu, hu, have mercy on usman, father," the mourning of potre maasita but the sultan did not ignore it. it stubbornly desires.

    potre tried to think of ways to prevent the death of the man he loved so much. he secretly sent messages to the guards but they all sent them to the sultan. as a result, the sultan was furious. because of the fact that he was so cruel, he ordered that potre maasita be shut up.

    in prison, there was an opportunity to become closer to usman and potre maasita. their love affects one another.

    at that time, the final order came out. the death of the sultan was theirs for them. while the sultan was on the road to the vault room in two, a sudden quake struck. hallucinated by the palace and the area was destroyed. the entire palace was soaked.

    a huge rock fell to the sultan's head that caused his sudden death. this is a cruel death for a cruel person.

    meanwhile, usman and potre maasita tried to intercept the prison. when they left, usman did not think twice. he was quick to help the wounded and the dead. on the other hand, potre maasita also helps the orphanages and those in need of help and protection.

    when returning to normal the situation was the people's laughter. "mabuhay si potre maasita! " their exaltation and thanksgiving to usman and potre maasita. they were very happy when they realized that usman was a good man and potter maasita was good-hearted.

    the next day, a wedding took place. usman, a slave, became a sultan and potre maasita was the designated sultana.

    from then on, the sultanate of love was blessed with development throughout the kingdom. the people have found the beauty and development of the past in times of ugliness and cruelty.

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    mukhang joke lang 'to pero try natin lmao.

    itlog, dahil ang itlog ay isang madaling mabasag (fragile), tulad ng isang babae, tayo'y sensitibong tao. marupok tayo at tulad ng isang itlog isang maling hawak mo lamang ay maari itong mapisa't mahulog, sa ating emosyon tayo din ay madamdamin.

    sa isang karot, kilala ang karot bilang isang perpektong anyo ng masustansyang gulay na mapagkukuhanan fiber and antioxidants. tulad nating mga babae, may mga tinatago tayong kaalaman na maaring ang ibang tao rin ay makinabang dito.

    at panghuli ay ang kamatis, kung ikaw ay tatanungin kung ito ba ay gulay o prutas, ikaw ay mapapa-isip hindi ba? kumplikado kung baga. parang tayong mga babae, mahirap tayong intindihin. ngunit sa kabilang dako'y may kapakinabangan din, madaming prdukto tulad ng tomato sauce at tomato ketsup ang magagawa mula sa kamatis, parang tayong mga babae, kumplikado ngunit sa iba't ibang aspeto'y maasahan.


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    Ano po ate pwede din po sa filipino pwede din yung wikang ingles
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