Ineed a speech about the causes and effects of climate change​


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    Soil erosion


    Effect:Deforestation-Can cause flash floods and reduces forest

    Soil erosion- this can contaminate the soil the most cause of this is burying garbage

    Smoking- most cause of this is cigarettes,car engines,factories,and Fire

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    ewan ko


    kasi di ko alam sinasabi mo

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    •Greenhouse Gases. Greenhouse gases play a vital role in the earth's climate cycles. ...

    •Solar Activity. Solar activity, as mentioned above, does play a role in the earth's climate. ...

    •Agriculture. ...

    •Deforestation. ...

    •Human Activity. ...

    •Livestock. ...

    •Extreme Weather. ...

    •Safety & Economic Challenges.

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    Cause: we dug up a lot of fossil fuels and burnt them, releasing a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This acts like a blanket trapping heat in.

    Effect: the world is getting warmer, ice melts and sea levels rise, ocean water evaporates more easily and there is more rain, warmer wind moves faster creating stronger storms, and the whole weather system changes from what we where used to into unpredictable ways. It also shortens winters, and let's plants and crops grow for more time. The overall effect is a reduction is the variety of life, but an increase in the total amount of life.

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    Corona virus


    bec. of Corona virus many people hungry

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    how does climate change occur.

    climate change happens everyday but you dont feel it usaully the climate change is does by cutting of trees which help us to gain more oxygen and those burning of plastics made by people in earth how can you help in the mitigation of these are of course plant treese use reusable things dont throw trash in every place which usually happens in manila bay nbat ba kasi nila tinapon yung dolomite dun walang tulong and ofcourse dont burn plastics dahil ang ating ozone layer ay ninipis dahil dun

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    Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the "greenhouse effect" — warming that results when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth toward space.
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    Pollution over farming of trees that destroyed the ozone layer now instead of normal hot days it is like you are in a oven ,and when it is summer it is rainy but when it is rainy it so hot
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