Ipinakita niya sa amin ang larawan ng kanyang ina. is this katawanin or panlipat?


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    beacuse i heard the answer in the wuestion

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    maayos ang kalagayan ng wika sa ngayon dahil kgut marami na tyong alam ng ibang wika di parin nawawala ang ating paggalang sa sariling wika

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    Curiosity - humans are naturally curious and want to experiment with different experiences. for some, drugs are a good conversation point.

    natural rebellion - with young people in particular, taking drugs can be part of natural rebellion. drug use may act as a means of defiance or may be associated with belonging to an alternative culture.

    the defence mechanism / self medicating - some people will use drugs to help them forget about their problems including any traumatic experiences they may have had. drugs may also be seen as a way to help people relax and deal with stress, or to help deal with anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

    peer pressure - there is considerable pressure to use legal substances. being around others who are using drugs can make people feel like they have to follow suit to fit in. for example, it may be hard to abstain from alcohol in a pub where everyone else is drinking.
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Ipinakita niya sa amin ang larawan ng kanyang ina. is this katawanin or panlipat?...