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"in the year 1885, the story follows sarah crewe, a young daughter of a wealthy english father, ralph crewe, living in british-ruled india. she starts attending an all-girl's seminary boarding school in london, where she excels in her studies and is loved deeply by many of her friends and classmates. tragedy strikes when sarah's father passes away and her family goes bankrupt, leaving her to become a poor orphan. the school's headmistress, miss minchin, takes advantage of this situation and makes her a maid in the school, trying hard to make her life as miserable as possible. however, sarah, with the help of her friends, perseveres and tries to endure all her hardships until redemption comes at last.

when miss minchin continues to mistreat her further, sarah befriends mr. carmichael who wanted to rescue her from miss minchin's mistreatment until she meets her father's lifelong friend tom carrisford who lives next door to the seminary. tom decides to adopt sarah to redeem himself over his guilt for the loss of her father and to restore her status as a diamond princess. miss minchin angrily confronts tom to get sarah back to the seminary but to her dismay sarah has already been adopted, causing her to return to the seminary in shame as her younger sister amelia angrily berates her for the mistreatment she had put on sarah by making her a maid and forcing her to stay at the horse stable, making miss minchin emotionally regretful for her actions.

in the end, sarah waved goodbye to her friends in the seminary as she and tom return to the british-ruled india by travelling in the cruise ship."​


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    kasi pag napuno ang balde lilipad ang eroplano

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    A. Because true friendship depend upon selection of a friend. ( True friendship can be seen by means of trust and cooperation to each other, and if you don't seem to trust that people it cannot be consider as friend. So basically, selecting is not easy such as finding true friendship)

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    for me it's a because it states that "because true friendships depend upon selection of a friend" then for me its true because we have different perspective.

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    Friends are friends,friends re family, friends are everything. What are friends for? friends are for making you smile everyday,making you laugh,make you feel important and make you feel to be loved.


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    Lol that's what I'm answering right now hahah

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    All I can answer is #11 the best option is A/C it is more better to solve a problem so everything will be fine
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