Ano ang lakbay aral ayon sa mga publisher


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    The enhanced Lakbay-Aral is a two-week cultural immersion program in the Philippines. Developed and implemented since 1983, the program enables Filipino youth overseas to rediscover their Filipino roots and appreciate the richness and diversity of their heritage thru lectures on Philippine history and language and guided tours to scenic and historical landmarks, interaction with Filipino students, public officials and members of indigenous communities and participation in local festivities. The program has enabled 180 participants from France, Spain, Switzerland, and the US to get back to and appreciate their motherland more. The four new modules of the Lakbay-Aral include Tracing the Philippine Roots, Eco-Tourism, Arts and Culture, and Rest and Recreation for Wellness.

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    *sa pamamagitan ng pagbebenta ng mga product na mismong mga filipino ang gumawa sa ibang bansa.

    *sa pamamagitan din ng pag bebenta ng mga gawang pinoy sa mga foreigner na dumadalaw o namamasyal sa pilipinas.

    *sa pagtangkilik ng ating sariling kultura at ituro ito sa iba na hindi natin kababayan at may gustong matuto.

    *mapapaunlad natin ang ating kulturang pinoy sa pamamagitang pagpapakita ng mabuting asal o ang mga nakasanayan ng mga pilipino na gawin.

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    a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art


    a writer of poems (the term is usually reserved for writers of good poetry)


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