What are the positive and negative effects of geological processes?


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    Positive and Negative Effects of Geological Processes

    Geological Processes are natural occurrences on Earth that are involved in shaping and reshaping its structure. Since geological processes are natural events, they are unavoidable. However, there are also reasons why these processes are present throughout Earth's history. Some positive effects of geological processes are the formation of certain rocks and minerals that are essential to humans and other species. On the other hand, the negative effects of geological processes are those that inflict severe damage to living things. Below are more positive and negative effects of geological processes examples:

    Examples of Positive Effects of Geological ProcessesVolcanic ash - used for spa treatmentsHot springs emerging from volcanoes - used for various therapies in the field of medicineNatural formation of beautiful landscapesNew source of energy in different formsDiscovery of new materialsExamples of Negative Effects of Geological ProcessesInjuriesDamage of propertiesDestruction of natural resourcesWiping out or death of certain speciesHazards on health

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    Time is a very important variable in geology, because the exact timing of spatially separated events allows us to reconstruct the surface and surface conditions of the ancient earth. It also allows us to put events into chronological order and by those means to deduct the driving forces behind the continual changes of the Earth.


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What are the positive and negative effects of geological processes?...