B. Assess Me! Directions: Your task is to plan a marketing campaign for a popular tourist destination of your choice. Indicate the type of Tourism Business that you are going to offer to your guests? (Please identify the destination and Target Market (couple, family, barkada, businessman, etc.)


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    Kasi ang greenland ay teritoryo ng denmark sinakop nito ang greenland at malamag ang klima dito at mataas ang latitude
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    Because they have it nowhere

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    Ang kasalukuyang estado ng ating bansa pagdating sa yamang mineral ay patuloy na bumaba dahil sa mga napinsalang kagubatan kung kaya't maraming pinahintong minahan sa ating bansa.
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    Well, the difference between ethnocentrism and cultural relativism it's not a little one. They are in fact two opposite ways of conceiving the relationship between cultures.

    Ethnocentrism is the tendency to think of your own culture as the norm and to defend your culture as the only valid worldview. It is a common phenomenon and it is found in many cultures. It is a natural feature of humans and it is as common in remote African villages as it is in modern Western states.

    There is a simple way to explain ethnocentrism and how it works. Imagine a man who drive his car everyday and has been taught to stay on the right side of the street when he does so. This man then goes to a country where people drive on the left side. After he has returned home he goes to his friend's house for dinner and then he says “ It is incredible, all the people drive in the opposite way. They all drive on the wrong side!”.

    On the other side we have cultural relativism. We have seen that every culture has the natural tendency to adopt a particular view on the worldworld. A cultural relativist is a person who adfirm that every culture has to be understood in his particular context and that cultures should not be thought as universally valid worldviews but as particular expressions of a people.

    This it's not the same as saying that every cultural expression has the same value and that everyone should respect everything about other cultures without a legitimate criticism of some aspects of that culture. That is a political application of cultural relativism, with his pros and his cons, and this it's not really the place to discuss it. We are only saying that that cultural relativism is meant to be used to understand someone's culture not to reject or accept it.

    A cultural relativist approaches foreign cultures without ethnocentrism(or at least with less prejudices)and is ready to enjoy the difference instead of seeing it as something deviant from the norm. He is aware that culture evolve in different contexts and that they should not be compared but understood in their own peculiarity.

    This is not to say that a cultural relativist approach it's inherently better than a more ethnocentric one,but to show that cultural relativism (when used as a methodological tool and not as a political ideology) can make us overcoming the natural prejudiice which stems from ethnocentrism.

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B. Assess Me! Directions: Your task is to plan a marketing campaign for a popular tourist destinatio...