How do aerosols affect the earth’s atmospheric conditions?


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    Question: How do aerosols affect the earth's atmospheric conditions?

    answer: Aerosols can control how much energy from the sun reaches the planet's surface by changing the amount that is absorbed in the atmosphere and the amount that is scattered back out to space. It turns out that most aerosols are cooling — that is to say, they reflect the sun's energy back out into space.

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    antipodes - two points that ARE on the exact opposite sides of the earth, for example, the North and south poles.

    archipelago - A group of islands, for example, the Bahamas.

    atoll - A ring of coral that makes an island, for example, lighthouse reef near Belize.

    basin - A section of Land eroded by water, causing it to be lower than the surrounding Land.

    bay - A small body of water enclosed partially by Land, for example, Hudson bay in Canada.

    butte - A Hill with a flat top and steep sides, for example, Merrick's butte in Arizona.

    canal - A waterway made by Man for irrigation or easier transportation, for example, the Suez canal.

    canyon - A valley that is deep and has steep sides, for example, the grand canyon.

    cape - A section of Land that juts out into the water, for example, cape COD.

    cave - A large open area in the ground or in the side of a mountain or Hill, for example, mammoth cave in Kentucky.

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