From Geography let's journey together to have a deep understanding to another Social Science Discipline- History. In this self-reflection activity, you are to describe yourself to the future generations by providing clues as to your personality, character, values, and ideas. You are also going draw five pieces of evidence that best represents you. Then use these objects to describe yourself in 15 words or less. At the end of your reflection paper try to explain the statement: "You cannot change the past, but you can change history." Use worksheet 2.3 to accomplish these tasks


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    It is a constitutional monarchy, with queen elizabeth ii as head of state and the prime minister as the head of government.

    it is a christian country, with the church of england as the religion of the royal family.

    they speak old english, which is english but the with older terms and some different pronunciations. like the british for color is "colour".
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    Differentiate Sequential and Synchronic

    Sequential and Synchronic are both cultural perception of time. How time is being viewed is the key to differentiate sequential and synchronic. Having a sequential culture means seeing time as one line with activities positioned along the line in a sequential order to become efficient. In sequential, time is uncompromising and controlling. On the other hand, synchronic culture views time serves as a guideline and is flexible. In synchronic, different activities can be done at the same time.

    Characteristic of Sequential Perception or CultureActivities are done one at a time.Time is viewed to be limited.Deadlines are crucial.Time is very important and is often prioritized.To be efficient is a must.Characteristic of Synchronic Perception or CultureActivities can be done simultaneously; multitasking.Relationship and success are more important than time.Order of tasks are interchangeable.Finishing tasks are more important than deadlines.Time can be manipulated.

    Learn about time management by reading this:

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From Geography let's journey together to have a deep understanding to another Social Science Discipl...