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Give at least one solution of peace and order​


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    Aside from the housing program, the Chief Executive also bared the plans to refurbish the existing, and acquire more equipment, to beef up the defense capabilities of the military and the national police force.

    Such acquisitions in the offing include aircraft, helicopters and combat vessels like that of the Philippine Navy’s Hamilton class cutter, commissioned as BRP Gregorio del Pilar that was acquired from the United States Coast Guard recently.


    Method 1 Promoting Peace Among Your Neighbors

    Become more familiar with your community. ...

    Plan a peaceful event. ...

    Explore volunteer opportunities. ...

    Make sure you have current contact information for your neighbors. ...

    Attend and participate in community events.

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    hala lesson

    example yung parang may magbebenta sa iyo ng isang produkto at mas mura pero hindi garantisado at hindi lesinsyado ang doktor.

    isang specific na example yung parang naging dokumentaryo ni jessica soho where in may tatlong beki na nauto sa medical quackery at nagbigay ang quack ng plastic surgery: cheekbone lift, sa halagang 500 pesos. so dahil mura, sinubukan nila, then they found out na petroleum jelly yung nilagay sa kanilang cheek pero tinry pa rin nila. in the end, lumobo ang kanilang cheeks na parang may bukol.

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    These are the 5 examples of the following: philippines aids prevention and control is philippine aids preventionand control act of 1998? does philippine aids prevention and control act is worldwide or not? what does it refers to measures aimed at protecting non-infected from contracting hiv and minimizing the impact of the condition of persons living with hiv? what does it refers to any laboratory procedure done on an individual to determine the presence or absence of hiv infection.who declares the philippine aids prevention and control act? dangerous drugs is comprehensive dangerous drugs act? who declared the comprehensuve dangerous drugs act? what is the importance of dangerous drugs act? what republic act no. does comprehensive dangerous drugs act is? does comprehensive dangerous act is worldwide or only in the philippines? regulation is the purpose of tobacco regulation act? what republic act no. does tobacco regulation act is? what law currently allows the federal government to control the tobacco industry? which republic act prohibits the sales of cigarettes to persons below 18 years of age in the philippines? what year does tobacco act declared? act no. 9512 on national environmental awareness and education act is the importance of ra 9512? what do you mean by environmental awareness? what is ra 9512? when does ra 9512 declared? what is an act to promote environmental awareness through environmental education and for other purposes?
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Give at least one solution of peace and order​...