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Place an x next to each warning sign that apply to you: anxiety


  • Réponse publiée par: elishakim80

    Everyone experiences to be be anxious. However, everyone has different coping mechanism in handling this. In my case, maturity kept me to progress on handling. Years ago, I'm always very anxious from small things that came up especially to those things that is not controllable. You can see me that I'm looking for someone mistakes, or just telling what is right that was not made.

    However, I learned to cope up in smarter ways. For example,

    I listen first to know what is happening. The more I feel anxious, the more I had to know the information. In that way, I can always find myself that I need to keep waiting and take some thoughts rather than doing something unplanned.I keep praying in silence when my heart is pumping. Or when I receive the confirmed bad news. I need some strength to be calm and to focus on the solution.I did not  want to pick someone's fault to ease my worries. I just want to seek for the support and smile of others so I can start to solve little by little.


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    pls bigyan nyo po ako ng kasunduang paris

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    The knowledge in doing first-aid is very important as it will help people in case of emergency. we don't know when we will be in danger, or where will we be at that time so it's better to be prepared and proactive when it comes to this matter.
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Place an x next to each warning sign that apply to you: anxiety...