How will you be able to manage these issues?


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    Pressing Issues

    In this activity the students were given six policies relating to the Health of the Filipinos. The goal was to understand the importance of our health and how is the government taking precautions to rising issues about certain things that constantly affects the Filipino Health. The students will need to read and understand two of the six examples and these are:

    R.A. 6969 Toxic Substances- regulation of the use of toxic substances R.A. 10351 Excise Tax on Alcohol and Tobacco Products- increasing the tax on alcohol and tobacco products R.A. 8172 Act on Salt Iodization Nationwide (ASIN)- The adding of Iodize to all salt that is intended for the people's and animals ' healthR.A. 7277 Magna Carta for Disabled Persons- prioritizes PWDs’ Rights in the society R.A. 9994 Expanded Senior Citizens Act- Benefits and privileges for Senior Citizens  R.A. 8371 Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997- prioritizes the Indigenous People’s right and protection


    R.A. 7277 Magna Carta for Disabled Persons

    R.A. 8371 Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997

    How will you be able to manage these issues?

    Since the person that will exercise the acts about these two policies is a student, therefore he/she should manage these issues through:

    R.A. 7277 :

    Providing support/ assistance to PWDs Respect that they have equal rights to public utilities Disregard Discriminating acts towards them

    R.A. 8371 :

    Value their rights like any other people Respect their culture’s ways of handling things Help protect their existence by providing support through small acts


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    True; Caffeine is classified as a stimulant.

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