What lesson can you get from the article?


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    Is it Love or Infatuation?

    According to the article Infatuation is an instant desire, a drive that comes from insecurity. Infatuation is simply a desire that doesn’t last long if that is the drive or motivation your relationship you and  your significant other have. Love on the other hand is a friendship that has caught fire or a long relationship that ended up becoming more that what it already is.

    Infatuation as described in the Article:

    Has nagging doubts Marked by a feeling of Insecurity Has an element of Sexual Excitement Jumps to decisions

    Love as described in the Article:

    It is understanding and mature acceptance It is patient A maturation of friendship It uplifts a person

    What lesson can you get from the article?

    Love and infatuation are entirely two different things that most people in a relationship might get confused at. Although love seems to be the best choice and path to pick it is an inevitable and unnoticeable action and it takes time for it to bloom. Unlike infatuation, it might not be long lasting but it also serves the same purpose as love to give the person something to look forward to, opens up a room for improvement.

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