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Place an x next to each warning sign that apply to you: dizziness


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    Physical and mental Health is very important, it can help build self confidence. Physical and mental health can affect and contribute to improve mood and increase self-esteem, self-confidence and sense of control. Some Physical activity may that can provide an opportunity to connect with  others and develop supportive relationships are as follows.

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    What is Dizziness?

    • It is a sensation of spinning around and losing once balance

    Warning Sign of dizziness?

    What is dizziness and what is the cause of dizziness?

    1.The person feels lightheaded, woozy and unbalance

    2.It affects the sensory organs such as eyes and ears.

    3.Feeling of faint

    4.Feeling floating


    6.Blurred vision

    7.Numbness or tingling

    Some common causes of dizziness


    •Problem of the inner ear or ear infection


    •Meniere’s disease

    •Sudden drop of blood pressure

    •Heart muscle disease

    •Decrease in blood volume

    •Low iron

    •Low blood sugar


    •Heart stroke

    •Excessive exercise

    •Motion sickness

    Treatment of dizziness

    1.The treatment of dizziness is depend on the case of the patient why he feel dizzy.

    Example:  Migraines are treated by medication and lifestyle changes while dizziness due to excessive exercise must only treat through  drinking plenty of fluids

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    6 inches and above


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    Some ways to prevent a teenager from courtship are :
    • let them think about the consequences if they court someone
    • let them think if its the right time
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Place an x next to each warning sign that apply to you: dizziness...