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Place an x next to each warning sign that apply to you: back pain


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    Back pain is very common condition but, this may also cause severe problems. Back pain can cause frustration

    What is Backpain?

    It is a pain that felt in the back. It will cause due to disorders of the aorta, tumors in the chests, spine or it results from some everyday activities or poor posture.

    Warning sign that apply to you: back pain

    •Dull aching sensation at the lower back

    •Pain is radiating down to the legs

    •Inability to stand straight without pain

    •There is a decrease on the ability to flex the back

    Examples of poor posture that cause backpain


    2.Coughing or sneezing

    3.Sleeping on uncomfortable bed

    4. Long driving sessions without break

    5. Straining the neck forward

    6. Lifting more than your weight

    7. Pushing, pooling, lifting or carrying something

    8. Sitting or standing for long periods

    9. bending for long period

    10. over stretching

    11. muscle strains and sprains

    12. Poor sitting posture

    13. Heavy lifting

    14. Trauma

    15. Non mechanical disease processes

    16. Frequent bending forward

    17. Degenerative condition

    Other medical causes of back pain are as follows:

    •Bulging and raptured disc

    •Spine Osteoarthritis


    •Spinal Stenosis



    Rare causes:



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    Bawal.. dapat mag tapos muna kayo ng pag aaral.. right age right time
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Place an x next to each warning sign that apply to you: back pain...