How does dating differ from regular outing?


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    dating different from regular outing


    because dating you want to know more about personal information to the person and regular outing is just to make fun or hang out

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    Dating is when you go out with someone that is your boyfriend or girlfriend but outing is going with someone that is your friends


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    It differ from a regular outing because it's where you go somewhere special with your special someone to get to know each other or to keep the warmth of your love for each other burning.

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    Dating is being with your lover , eating with him/her , enjoying the day with him/her in a romantic way , Regular outings are just having fun
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    Dating is getting to know each other

    outing is having a bonding with your friends you kniw
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    How does dating different from a regular outing At its simplest breakdown, casual dating is more than just dating for its own sake, without any other incentive.  Although you're never supposed to have expectations of dating except getting to know the other guy.  You're not even looking for a serious relationship at casual dating. At least not with that person at the moment. Bear in mind that some people view casual dating a little differently. Some see it as dating with the hope  of forming a relationship, but taking it very slowly. Others see it clearly as dating several people at the same  time (Something that the initial routine dating is usually but ultimately narrowed down where it might not be in  casual dating). Since the word itself can mean different things to different people, it's better to explain intentions (or  get clarification) instead of only using the word and assuming it means the same thing to everyone. This usually makes dating very obvious, but in case it doesn't, daily dating is done with the intention of  potentially having a relationship. It may look very similar to casual dating, particularly early when there might  be a few people at once, but it's known that you're looking for a relationship and continuing dating means that, so far, you're seen as a successful potential partner.


    Dating is a stage in human romantic relationships where two people meet socially to determine each other's  suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship. It is a type of courtship, consisting of social  activities performed by a couple, either alone or with others. Dating policies and procedures, and the words  used to describe them, differ considerably from country to country and over time.


    Although the word has many meanings, the most common usage applies to two people who  discuss whether they are romantically or sexually compatible by engaging in dates with the other.  Using modern technology, people can date by phone or machine, or even meet in person. Dating can also include two or more people who have already agreed to share romantic or sexual feelings with each other. Such people may have meetings on a daily basis, and they may or may not have sexual relations.  This period of courtship is often seen as a precursor to involvement. Many cultures allow people to wait until a certain age to start dating, which has been a source of controversy.

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