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What is the possible causes and effects of childrape? ​


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    answer:well the possible causes of child rape is that when parents really neglecting the child or don't have time for the child.2.when the child is going/talking to strangers3.the people around the child was from a gang or bad influence


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    A. Fishbone Diagram


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    1. D - Graphic Organizer

    2. B - Textual Aids

    3. D - Flow Chart

    4. A - KWL Chart

    5. C - President and Cabinet Members

    6. C - Spider Map

    7. C - Lotus Diagram

    8. B - Semantic Map

    9. B - Graphic Organizer

    10. A - Flow Diagram


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    1. b

    2. d

    3. d

    4. a

    5. c

    6. c.

    7. .




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    1. she is sick

    3.we will not gonna sick

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    Cause - The animal influenza viruses such as SARS and Covid-19 that has emerges.

    Effect - it spreads all over the world to humans and animals which causes death. Everyone was been forced to just stay in their respective homes (quarantine) especially children and senior citizens that is more prone in virus. Because of quarantine, as the story says, strong family ties were built,the environment was smoothly recovering from pollution and breakage - pollution temporarily halted because of a month of lock down, Students were being taught through online or modules, and most importantly our faith and trust in God were restored.

    Possible solution - Possible solution is to follow the rules that must be follow to prevent the spread of the virus like always wash hands, always drink water, take vitamins, eat proper foods, don't go outside if there is no important walk, always use mask and face shield when in the outside, social distance to people, and clean the surroundings. If You were exposed like frontliners from their patients that is positive or when you are experiencing the symptoms, you have to do the 14 days quarantine rule or if possible go to the hospital if you cant handle it anymore. We also need to support each other and help others that are in need. We have to work together to fight the pandemic that was happening. Most importantly Prayers and Faith with God and Jesus Christ His Son.

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What is the possible causes and effects of childrape? ​...