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If injuries happen at any time at any place to anybody then what should we do to prevent them?


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    Takpan ng towel or kahit anong mang bagay na pampunasat wag masyadong galawin


    Kung mangyari to gamutin at isugod sa hospital

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    1. First, identify the injury then risk factors and what causes that injury.
    2. Do PRICE
    3.is to provide immediate, live saving, medical care before the arrival of further medical help
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    If I am a normal citizen and something unexpected happened, these are the things I learned from the module:

    Don't panic. Next thing to do will come to your mind when you are calm. However, this is not really a perfect timing to be calm. But we need to do this. Am I the victim? I can ask for help.Am I the by passer? I can check if I can help or might call another help.Am I a first aider or rescuer? I know what is ABC of life. A for airway. I need to check if the airways have no hindrance.B for breathing. The patient can be seen if breathing or not. Position the patient.C for Circulation. The patient may undergo CPR.


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    If this kind of major accidents happens we must do the First Aid.

    For example you collapse outdoor, the first thing we should do is place him/her in a clear area where he/she can breathe. Place an ice on his/her head, and when he/she awakes give some water to him/her for him/her be able to breathe properly. This are just a thing we must apply to ourselves for us to be able to help others and also the fact that we dont need to bring that person to a hospital except if the situation is worse.

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    Being carefull and aware of the surroundings will lessen the odds of getting an injury.
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    For me,we should be aware at our environment and becareful on what we are doing.
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    Immediately, we need to stop that injured part by a clean cloth, if blood flow is controlled to an extent, then we should clean it, & apply a permanent cloth bandage, until we reach upto a doctor. If injury is quite dangerous, then we should calm down, & try to reach out the hospital as soon as possible.

    Hope this helps!
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    We humans are fragile or so as most people would experience. Injuries or any form of accidents big or small can’t be predicted. We can’t say for sure what happens to every one of us in the future and we can’t also ensure our security all the time. Though that may be the case it doesn’t mean those injuries cannot be prevented or subdued.

    We can prevent Injuries by:

    Safeguarding ourselves for every risk their is-this means that we should sometimes prioritize our safety before anything else like work, business or any form of commitment. But this doesn’t mean that we should abandon other lives on the way. We just have to look out for ourselves often. Knowing how to act in the face of danger or injury- knowing what to do and what not to do is also a preventing manner. Since we are aware of the danger the things will bring and what kind of injury it will bring to us then we refuse to go down that road. Avoiding dangerous activities that ensure a resulted injury after- we common folks should avoid danger on ourselves in every way thus, attempting to do activities that will greatly result in a miscalculation is something we should absolutely shouldn’t do.  Use our head most of the time- there are times that we just completely get lost in our own way of living life that we sometimes forget our own safety. We should think first and second, once we fully thought of the results of our possible actions then we can go ahead and choose the right thing.

    Preventing Injuries:

    In order to prevent ourselves by getting any form of injury we should consider learning facts about safety management and other related ideas, like for example:

    What to do when there is an earthquake in or out of your living area Learning First Aid/ Preparing first aid Considering an update of immunizations for reported upcoming diseases

    Preventing Injuries or even sicknesses isn’t something we can do all the time. But it doesn’t mean that we should live carelessly and just face those problems head-on. We should always have something to back us up when it comes to these times of danger.

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    Make sure that the injured people are in a safe area...
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    We cannot prevent them because what happens in the future is unknown, we should just let things flow naturally.
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If injuries happen at any time at any place to anybody then what should we do to prevent them?...