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Write yes if the eating style relates to you and no if it doesn’t 5. i eat then take laxatives to rid my stomach of food.


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    Eating styles are the usual behaviour of people before and after eating. It can be the typical way we do like drink water every once in a while or drink water after we completely finished our meal. Eating styles varies from people to people, and from family to family. It is already a given that we Filipinos have a certain tradition we follow in our household.

    It is important that we:

    Consume a balanced diet Be strict on the food we eat but not too much Be careful on the way we behave before and after eating

    To answer the Question:

    The answer is NO, taking laxatives are only required when someone is undergoing a bowel problem or that it was advised by the doctor or physician. Under no circumstances take laxatives just to immediately remove what you ate because:

    It takes time for the body to squeeze out the nutrients we intake  Rushing our organs by the use of unnecessary medicines will be bad for our health Taking medicines too often or too much than what’s required will not only be bad for our specific organs but also to our overall function

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    Eating Difficulties

    There are some cases when people find eating unnecessary or difficult there are tons of reasons that can support this argument. Either the food is not to their liking, but even so the food must be inedible for someone to vomit it after or they have a case of eating difficulties. Sick people can have difficulty eating because of their weak digestive systems or inability to actually break down hard food.

    Other examples of cases when people vomit after eating:

    The food was expired and only realized after eating itTheir digestive system has a problem ingesting foodThey have a specific illness that makes them vomit food

    To answer the statement:

    The answer is NO, though normal people would definitely not vomit after they eat there is an illness that the person rejects the food willingly it is called “Anorexia Nervosa” an eating disorder that even when a person eats he or she purposely makes himself vomit it to avoid gaining weight.

    Eating Disorder:

    When people eat too much that they can’t seem to stop- Bulimia  Eating too many in too little time- Binge EatingEating inedible things- Pica

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    Eating Styles

    We all have different styles of eating it is either when we eat on the table or the way we behave while eating. Every household of us Filipinos have a certain tradition or custom to be followed when in front of the table. We vary from every personality, from every family, from every environment. We find the best way or the most comfortable way for us to Eat.

    Examples of Traditions or Customs before and after Eating:

    We pray before we Eat We serve guest first or the head of the family We pass around the drinks or food for other to get some We clean up to ourselves after We only consume dessert after the proper meal

    answering the question:

    The answer is YES, we people tend to want to do something when we feel that we aren’t doing anything fun or something that dulls our interest. We result to things that will easily calm our state of boredom while benefiting in many ways. A lot of people Eat when they’re bored because:  

    Not only you amuse yourself by chewing stuff you also appease you own hunger Maybe it is their favourite thing to do while bored Food will often relieve anyone’s boredom

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Write yes if the eating style relates to you and no if it doesn’t 5. i eat then take laxatives to ri...