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Did the mirriage/relationship start with courtship and dating? how?


  • Réponse publiée par: brianneaudreyvuy

    answer: not all ung iba kasi sagot agad d nila iniisip ung kahihinatnat so for me hindi naguumpisa sa dating


    hope it helps

  • Réponse publiée par: calmaaprilgrace

    By Love and Trusting each other.


    My parents told me their love story and I was really happy . Even in my young age, I understand  the real reason why people have their own relationship , it's because they have a pure love and true trust to their partner. Love is not a goal to us to make people happy , Love is a everlasting trust to a person you love.


  • Réponse publiée par: meteor13

    marige and relationship


    Marige - is when you promise that you will always stay truthfull to the one that you are being wed to . Relationship -it is only temporary

  • Réponse publiée par: kambalpandesal23

    well it depends on the people who you are reffering to, but i guess ill give an example

    John and Ginny had loved each other for 3 years, and their relationship blossomed when they started dating.

    so yes before marriage it starts with courtship and dating to learn one another to see if theyre a right match before going on to the next big step


  • Réponse publiée par: cyrishlayno


    Dating and courtship is a period when a two person get to know each other so that they can have a longer lasting relationship

  • Réponse publiée par: nila93
    Dating yes, to know more about each other and to develop their feelings and when they all ready know about who they are and what they are they Will starting to build a relationship and make it even more stronger every day until they Will decide to get married infront of many people to witness their Ceremonial wedding at the church or Restaurants or beaches
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Did the mirriage/relationship start with courtship and dating? how?...