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It is called the perceived negatively and it produces suffering and anxiety​


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    Depression and Anxiety


    Depression is something that goes beyond regular sadness. Depression is a result of the imbalance in chemicals in your brain. Because of this imbalance, the person suffering from depression perceives things negatively. Depression also typically is accompanied with anxiety but note that these two are different mental illnesses.

    Depression usually has the following symptoms:

    depressed mood , perceiving things negativelylack of interest in previously enjoyed activitiesextreme increase or decrease in appetite insomnia or inability to sleep or the opposite, too much sleepslowing of movement  and not getting out of bedlack of energy feelings of guilt or worthlessness trouble concentrating suicidal thoughts or behaviors

    Meanwhile, the symptoms of anxiety are the following:

    worrying about everythingrestlessness , being fidgetyfeeling of being tired - as with depressiontrouble concentrating  - the same with depression being easily irritatedsleep disturbance tensing of the muscles

    Note that some of the symptoms overlap or are similar. What is important is that when any of these symptoms are identified, consult a doctor right away. Depression and anxiety are diseases that can be managed and treated. There is no shame in having a doctor examine you. There is usually a stigma associated with people suffering from mental illnesses but that stigma has to stop.

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    because it's very dangerous for your health

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    Explanation:maligo araw-araw upang ito'y mapangalagaan

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It is called the perceived negatively and it produces suffering and anxiety​...