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How can health initiatives improve global health? discuss.


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    Ahm base on my learnings when i was a junior high ahm to prevent drug abuse or to stop drug abuse encourage there barangay official to have an event like sports etc . . 
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    UNHEALTHY FOODS Junk foods

    Boiled foods such as

    Kwek kwekSoftdrinks or shakesFrench fries

    Because these foods are very high in calories

    Ice cream

    Ice cream is very delicious but it's to loaded with sugar


    If the canteen have foods of this example

    Eggs with riceCurry with riceChicken or beef with rice.
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    Hallucination means that you are seeing things that you think are real and true but its actually just created by your mind


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    To live a quality life, a person should change and maintain the following:


    Physical Activity.

    Resisting Peer Pressure.

    Improving your Physical Environment.

    Stress Management.

    Regular Visits to Doctor.

    Getting Adequate Rest.


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How can health initiatives improve global health? discuss....