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Visit your school canteen. find out if the school canteen complies with the requirements on food sanitation on control of rodents, cockroaches, flies, pests, etc. yes no remarks


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    Visit your school canteen. Find out if the school canteen complies with the requirements on food sanitation on proper food preparation, food storage and food serving. Yes No Remarks

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    What is the importance of school canteen?

    Yes. Our school canteen complies with the requirements on food sanitation on proper lighting and ventilation.

    as a student we are able to experience well -being and gratitude for the food that we eat, we also feel excitement.We also feel different experience even the canteen is small and simple. Lighting can help to boost our appetite because it appeal to our senses not just the taste for food.proper ventilation can help also in our health as a students because it controls food odors, as well as it minimize smokes and fumes from the cooking process.Proper ventilation can help a positive pressure condition on the building and also we feel that we are comfortable.

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    FOOD SANITATION ON PROVISION OF FOOD SANITATION AND ENOUGH WATER SUPPLYSchool canteen are established to supply the students the proper nutrition through safety, healthy but affordable foods however school should also be aware that they need safe hygienic sanitary facilities.Yes. Our canteen has a provision of food and sanitation and enough water supply because our canteen is promoting health through prevention of human contact diseases and dirt.Our canteen is applying safety precautions and proper hygiene in food through hygienic matters such as water, air and food.One of the reasons why they are very concern about sanitation is to prevent the spread of diseases such as water-borne diseases and foodborne diseases.

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    The following is the practice of our canteen in their daily operation

    1.hand washing

    2. There is storage for food so that the foods are safe from bacteria.

    3. Tables, kitchen utensils, equipment's and chopping boards are always sanitized.

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    There are number of issues about food preparing and handling, there are possible illnesses, bacteria  that can harm students during their snacks that can result to fatal diseases, this is the reason why canteen operators need to be careful in preparing and handling foods they are selling to prevent the said illnesses and bacteria.

    Our school canteen has a health certificates canteen personnelThis includes stool test, urine test and some physical checkups to assure that the one who handle foods are healthy, in order to protect students, teachers and other markets to prevent  contamination .It is very vital that food handlers handle foods safely starting from production through preparation process. If unsafe handling occur at any stage there is a possibility for danger. To avoid this food handlers specifically canteen personnel need to   comply the said requirement.Why health certificate of canteen personal is vital? Food safetyTo have a good food hygieneSteps to get the certificateThe canteen personnel may visit local rural health unit, there are doctors who are ready to check the canteen personnel immediately and they are the one who will issue health certificate
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Visit your school canteen. find out if the school canteen complies with the requirements on food san...