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Complete each statement by writing the missing word. clues are provided inside the box. 4. what is a susceptible individual who can harbor the disease called?


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    Having sex is unneccesary
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    Improve your self-care

    According to the American Diabetes Association, a disease management program helps you learn essential skills for taking better care of your diabetes. You'll find out what steps you can take to protect your health. With this type of program, this is what you can do:

    Get support and guidance. As you learn new ways to manage diabetes, you may need help putting these ideas into action. Whether you have questions about how to take your medicines or lose weight, talk to your healthcare provider to develop an individualized plan that will work for you. You can join classes and support groups to share with others what you have learned as well.  Take an active role in your care. A disease management program also helps you work closely with your healthcare provider. You're encouraged to speak up and get involved. Get help with setting goals. Get advice on practical strategies for making healthy behavior changes, such as eating better and exercising more. Disease management programs are designed to track your health over time. You and your healthcare provider can get a more complete picture of how you're doing and where improvements can be made so that you can reach your goals successfully. Results you can measure

    A disease management program sounds like a good thing, but you might be wondering whether it really works. Research shows that these programs are successful. In fact, participation in a disease management program has been strongly recommended as a way to reduce health problems caused by diabetes. The approach used by these programs can help improve blood glucose control and screening for diabetic complications.

    Having diabetes will never be easy. But a good program can give you the tools to make the challenges more manageable.

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    Monoculture is more suspectable to disease due to the ease with which most disease can spread in a closed area.
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Complete each statement by writing the missing word. clues are provided inside the box. 4. what is a...