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  • "what are the signs and symptoms of drug abuse? "...

"what are the signs and symptoms of drug abuse?


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    Drug Abuse

    It is important to be wary of the limits our humane body can take and can endure. Drugs can be of medical help in some places and some uses but not all, by its effects one person can get addicted to it and seek for more and more until the limit of his body will soon give up. There may be advantages of Drugs but at the same it also has its alarming disadvantages.


    Low interest in usual things Increased negative outlook on life Mood swings Cases of depression


    Hallucinations  Red eyes Weak physique

    Drugs can give severe symptoms to a person, it is important to know what the future consequences of things before taking some action. Hospitals and clinics or even nearby health care center are reachable when someone needs help dealing with these symptoms. It is better to end something that causes harm onto one’s body before it’s too late.

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"what are the signs and symptoms of drug abuse? "...