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Create an advocacy video about drug abuse and its effect on the body.


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    Becuse in gadget you might get addicted and maybe you cant eat or whatever because of games in plastic sometimes our plastic cause a pollution in oceans

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    Yes, it can be stressful especially that you have to spend a lot of time reviewing the materials. Stress is defined as an emotional feeling that one experiences whenever he or she is put under pressure. Stress causes a lot of repercussions and greatly affects not only in the individual, but also his or her relationships with other people as well.

    Ways to cope stress

    Stress can be experienced by children, especially those undergoing the period of adolescence. Thus, the psychologists and psychiatrists alike have devised ways in order to cope stress. Below are some of the mentioned example:

    Avoid overthinkingSleep properlyTake medicinesEat wellPractice exercisingConverse with other people to lessen the burdenCauses

    Stress is caused by various things. Examples range from minute or minuscule things to more complex ones. Below are some of the known causes of stress:

    OverthinkingSchool related worksJob relatedFamily with other peopleUnhealthy diet

    For additional information regarding stress, refer to the following links

    Different kinds of stress

    Good stress vs toxic stress

    Managing stress

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    body paints of health foods (para sa WASTONG PAGKAIN)

    students in p.e uniforms (para sa pagiging AKTIBO)

    act it (para sa PUSH ninyo)

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    Those are word that are common to speak

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Create an advocacy video about drug abuse and its effect on the body....