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Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 2. what are contagious diseases due to?
a. mosquito bites
b. contaminated food
c. contact with an infected person
d. inhalation of droplets from an infected person


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    Subject Health

    The correct answer among the listed given choices is letter c. Contagious diseases are due to contact with an infected person.

    Contagious Diseases

    -is a subset category of transmissible or communicable diseases. These diseases can be transmitted to another person either by:

    direct contact -physical contact with the person suffering the diseaseindirect contact -by casual contact with their secretions or objects touched by them or airborne route among other routesExamples of Contagious DiseasesHIV/ DiarrheaMalaria

    Generally speaking, it was known that diseases can be either

    communicable or non-communicable

    Communicable diseases are known to be diseases due to an infectious process and can be transmitted  from one person to another. Because of this, proper and effective prevention and control of communicable  diseases is a public health concern.

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Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 2. what are contagious diseases due to? a. mosquito bite...