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Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 9. according to the agent-host-environment belief, what factors interact to cause an infection?
a. object, food, and water
b. air, vehicle, and microbes
c. germ, person or animal, and surroundings
d. germ, reservoir, and manner of transmission


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    Letter c. Germ, person or animal and surroundings

    In this belief, it explains that disease as a product of the complex interaction among three factors

    Agent-host-environment read more on:

    1. Germ ( agent)

    2. Host ( person)

    a host is either animal or a person affected by the disease.

    3. Environment ( surroundings)

    This is a condition outside the host and is allow the disease to be transmitted.

    What is environment read more on:

    4. Agent - a germ or an organism that cause a disease.


    Typhoid feverIn typhoid fever the agent is the bacteria called salmonella.Environment is food or water that is contaminated by salmonella bacteria.Host- an infected person; if an infected feces and urine goes to the water or food it can infect other person.

    What is bacteria read more on:

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    Subject Health


    The correct answer among the listed series of words is Mosquito. Mosquito does NOT belong to the group of virus, bacterium and worm.


    Vector versus Pathogens

    A mosquito is a small insect that is known as a vector or a disease carrier, while virus, bacterium and worm are known as pathogens or disease-causing organisms.

    For the related topic about what is the meaning of pathogen


    Generally speaking, it was known that diseases can be either

    communicable or non-communicable

    Communicable diseases are known to be diseases due to an infectious process and can be transmitted  from one person to another. Because of this, proper and effective prevention and control of communicable  diseases is a public health concern.


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    MEDICINE - Acrostic


    Please see the answer below:

    M-  Medical which means referring to medicine

    E-  E. coli, which is something you would rather not have

    D-  Death - the result of not getting proper medical care

    I-  Inflammation which is usually the body's response to an allergen

    C-  C-section - which is a pathway to the world for many babies

    I-  ICU or intensive care unit, a place you'd rather not be

    N-  natural immunity  - something you would want for your body's defenses

    E-​ Eczema which is a common skin disease that is not contagious

    Studying medicine and medical terms is interesting because you get to learn much about the human body and the diseases as well as treatments that doctors encounter.

    For more information:

    Medicine and Economics:

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Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 9. according to the agent-host-environment belief, what f...