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  • I am 27 and unable to earn money because iam a pat...

I am 27 and unable to earn money because iam a patient of ocd so what is my intrest i am confused


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    No, skin problem does not apply to me. I do not get skin problems whenever I am stressed but I have an allergy with dust. It is easy for my skin to be irritated especially, when traveling or commuting so I tend to wear face mask as well as lotion and bring medicine with me

    Stress and Stress ManagementStress defined

    Stress is a term widely used in the aspects of psychology and physical health. Throughout the years, stress has affected people in various ways, most notably by affecting them directly. Thus, it is of utmost importance to have a proper knowledge and understanding regarding stress so people would be aware of the early warning signs.

    Stress is an emotional feeling. It causes different reactions from an individual which range from being frustrated, being sad, being emotional to being depressed. It is the product of the things we experienced, as well as the feedbacks we get from other people.

    Causes of stress

    Stress is caused by a lot of things. These range from very minute and little things to the most intense ones. There are those who get stressed by simple things, whereas there are those, on the other hand, that only get stressed when they are put under extreme pressure or are experiencing really challenging experiences. Below are some of the factors that cause stress:

    Pressure (from yourself, parents, and friends)Expectations (from yourself, parents, and friends)Noise (most especially, loud noises)Unhealthy dietLack of things (money, etc)Death of a loved oneMoving from one place to anotherDivorceTerminal illness or diseaseAnxiety and low self esteemStages of stress

    Since stress is a valid emotional feeling, individuals who experience stress undergo various stages. The three most known stages of stress are the following:

    Alarm stageResistance stageExhaustion stage

    Alarm stage

    The alarm stage is the initial stage wherein the symptoms of stress are most notable. Some individuals have the tendency to react against the event. This includes getting out of the place as soon as possible or shutting people up to the stress will not be triggered. It affects us by increasing our heartbeats or giving us uneasy feelings.

    Resistance stage

    This is the second stage of stress. This is where our bodies begin to calm down and lower our heart beats. Aside from that, there are also signs that can be found on this stage such as irritation, frustration, etc.

    Exhaustion stage

    This is the last stage of stress and the most dangerous one. We should not let stress get this far. When we experiences stress for long periods of time, it affects our overall physical, mental, and emotional health. Signs of this include burnout, depression, etc.

    Stress Management

    There are hundreds of ways to manage stress. Some of the ways of managing stress are mentioned below:

    Think positivelyAvoid overthinkingTalk with someoneSleep wellTake medicinesSeek a help from psychiatristDo something that you enjoyTravel

    Refer to the following links for additional information regarding stress:

    Opinion regarding stress

    Impact of stress to studies

    Who should people talk to when stressed?


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    The RICE method can reduce pain and swelling.

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    While HIV ( human immunodeficiency virus)

    is a virus that may cause an infection, AIDS (which is short for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a condition. Contracting HIV can lead to the development of AIDS. AIDS, or stage 3 HIV, develops when HIV has caused serious damage to the immune system

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    Mga kadalasanang tanong sa kompetisyon tungkol sa Go, Grow at GlowAno ano ang pagkain na nabibilang sa Go Food?Ano ano ang pagkain na nabibilang sa Glow Food?Ano ano ang pagkain na nabibilang sa Grow Food?Ano ang ibig sabihin ng Go Food?Ano ang ibig sabihin ng Grow Food?Ano ang ibig sabihin ng Glow Food?Saang pangkat ng pagkain ang itlog?Saang pangkat ng pagkain ang kanin?Saang pangkat ng pagkain ang gulay at prutas?Saan nabibilang ang saging sa tatlong pangkat ng pagkain?Saan nabibilang ang tinapay sa tatlong pangkat ng pagkain?Saan nabibilang ang karne ng manok sa tatlong pangkat ng pagkain?Ano nga ba ang Go, Grow at Glow Food?

    Ang Go, Grow at Glow Food ay tawag sa tatlong pangkat ng pagkain.

    Go Food - Ang Go Food ay ang mga pagkain na nagbibigay ng lakas at init sa ating katawan. Ito ay ang carbohydrates na nakukuha natin sa pagkain ng kanin, tinapay, pasta at maraming pang ibang pagkain na mayaman sa carbohydraes. Grow Food - Ang Grow Food ay ang mga pagkain na mayaman sa protina. Ito ang tumutulong upang tayo ay lumaki at umunlad ang ating mga buto. Ang protina rin ang tumutulong upang maging maayos ang ating dugo. Kabilang sa mga pagkain na ito ay ang itlog, mga karne ng baboy at karne ng manok at iba pang pagkain na mayroong protina. Glow Food - Ang Glow Food ay ang mga pagkain na iniiwas tayo laban sa mga sakit. Ito ay ang mga prutas at gulay na ating kinakain na mayaman sa bitamina C at mayroong pang ibang mineral at bitamina na talagang kailangan ng ating katawan. Kabilang sa pagkain na ito ay ang mga saging, pinya, mangga, carrots at marami pang iba na mayaman sa bitamina. Mga pangunahing pangkat ng pagkaintinapay, cereals, pasta, kanin at noodlesmga gulay at prutasgatas, yogurt, cheeseitlog, mga karne ng baboy at karne ng manokMga epekto ng hindi pagkain ng tamang balanseng pagkainMaaaring maging obese o mataba kapag hindi nakakakain ng angkop sa ating katawan. Ang hindi pagkain ng tamang balanse ay nakakasira ng ating katawan. Maaaring dapuan ng sakit. Kapag ang isang bata ay hindi kumakain ng gulay at prutas, madalas na siya ay sakitin. Lalo na kung ang kanyang kinakain ay puro junkfoods lamang. Mahalaga ang pagkain ng mga masustansyang pagkain para tayo ay malayo sa pagkahawa sa mga malulubhang sakit. Malaki ang tsansa na magkaroon ng sakit na diabetes, stroke o cancer. Hindi mailalabas ang mga toxins na nasa loob ng ating katawan kung namimili lamang tayo ng gusto nating kainin. Kadalasan ay hindi nasasalang mabuti ang ating mga kinakain kaya kailangan nating kumain ng balanseng pagkain.

    Kung nais mo pang makabasa ng iba pang detalye o impormasyon tungkol sa paksang ito, maaari mo ring i-click ang mga links na ito:

    Ano ano ang tatlong pangkat ng pagkain at kahulugan nito?: Nutrients of go foods: Examples of Grow Foods: 10 examples of glow foods:


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I am 27 and unable to earn money because iam a patient of ocd so what is my intrest i am confused...