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    During sexual reproduction, a male and female gamete will merge together to form a new organism. The two haploid cells will fuse together to form a diploid cell called a zygote.

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    I guess si Albert Einstein.

    Kasi, isipin niyo kahit Yung ibang mga scientists tinangkang nakawin ang utak niya na prineserve sa isang museum.

    At Sabi din nung ibang mga scientists, kakaiba daw ang form ng kaniyang brain.


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    Eating Styles

    We all have different styles of eating it is either when we eat on the table or the way we behave while eating. Every household of us Filipinos have a certain tradition or custom to be followed when in front of the table. We vary from every personality, from every family, from every environment. We find the best way or the most comfortable way for us to Eat.

    Examples of Traditions or Customs before and after Eating:

    We pray before we Eat We serve guest first or the head of the family We pass around the drinks or food for other to get some We clean up to ourselves after We only consume dessert after the proper meal

    answering the question:

    The answer is YES, we people tend to want to do something when we feel that we aren’t doing anything fun or something that dulls our interest. We result to things that will easily calm our state of boredom while benefiting in many ways. A lot of people Eat when they’re bored because:  

    Not only you amuse yourself by chewing stuff you also appease you own hunger Maybe it is their favourite thing to do while bored Food will often relieve anyone’s boredom

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