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Letter of complaint about antidrunk and drugged act


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    Archaeology and history are completely interlinked.  Especially when studying ancient cultures and civilizations, most of what is learned comes from archaeological expeditions that succeed in uncovering artifacts and human remains from those earlier periods.  By finding and studying -- including the use of carbon dating and other methods to determine the precise age of the items discovered during archaeological digs -- buildings, cisterns, roads, tools, weapons, and other items buried or lost for hundreds or thousands of years, a more complete and accurate picture of the people who lived in a given location can be drawn.

    Archaeology is not only vitally important to the study of ancient history.  It is used today to gather information and evidence for use in criminal trials of people suspected of carrying out heinous acts, especially former dictators whose efforts at hiding evidence of their crimes -- particularly, the mass murder of political opponents -- are increasingly defeated through modern imaging technologies used by archaeologists and others to locate such hidden sites.  Following the end of the long civil wars in countries like El Salvador and Guatemala, human rights organizations used archaeologists to dig up mass graves for the purpose of gathering evidence against the former dictators responsible for the deaths.  Skulls of adults and children with bullet holes and evidence of bound wrists provide conclusive proof that atrocities occurred, which are important not just for future trials, but for the accurate recording of history.


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    Sa Hapon, ang edukasyon ay kompulsoryo sa mga antas na elemantarya at mababang sekundaryo. Ang karamihan ng mga estudyante ay pumapasok sa mga pampublikong paaralan hanggang sa mababang sekundaryo. Ang sistemang edukasyon ng Hapon ay nagkaroon ng mahalagang papel sa mabilis na pag-ahon ng Hapon sa ekonomiya pagkatapos ng ikalawang digmaang pandaigdig.

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    What is a Dato?

    - In basic terms, a Dato is a person who governs a certain community, and is the leading captain in any wars their community participates in.  They are the highest ranking members of their community.

    What is a Witch?

    - A witch is an individual who has the ability to practice and utilize magical skills and abilities. The term  "witch" is not gender specific, and is referred to both men and women who possess this ability. A male witch is classified as a sorcerer, while a female witch is classified as a sorceress.

    What are the repercussions of insulting the Dato and a witch?

    - Laws were made in order to ensure that any man of low age will suffer the punishment of death whenever they are spotted insulting the dato or a witch.


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    Ang epiko ay tulang pàsalaysay na nagsasaad ng kabaya nihan

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Letter of complaint about antidrunk and drugged act...