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    answer:  Ancient Greeks and Romans


    Democracy is generally associated with the efforts of the ancient Greeks and Romans, who were themselves considered the founders of Western civilization by the 18th century intellectuals who attempted to leverage these early democratic experiments into a new template for post-monarchical political organization. (

    Ang demokrasya ay tumutukoy sa pamamahala na para sa tao at galing sa tao kung saan makikita ang pantay-pantay na karapatan at oportunidad sa lahat ng mamamayan. Ang mga bansang demokratiko ay ang Pilipinas, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Finland at marami pang iba.

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    Raia Siagu, Raia Colambo, and Raia Humabon

    They are native rulers in the Philippines around the time Magellan came to the country.

    Raia Siagu (Rajah Siagu)

    Raias Siagu and Colambo are brothers. They were both Rajahs from Leyte and were present during the first ever Catholic Mass celebrated on March 31, 1521 in the Limawasa Island of the province. The Mass was presided by Fr. Pedro Valderama who also baptized the two brothers.

    Raia Colambo (Rajah Kolambu)

    Meanwhile, Raia Colambo forged a blood compact with Ferdinand Magellan to seal friendship and treaty. Another information about him is related to the name of the place he was ruling. Limasawa Island was named as such because Raia Colambo had five wives at the time. In tagalog, he has limang asawa, hence, Limasawa.

    Raia Humabon (Rajah Humabon)

    Raia Humabon was the chieftain of Cebu and one of the first Filipino leaders to embrace Christianity. Like Colambo, he also entered into treaty with Magellan by blood compact or sandugo and was named Don Carlos after being baptized.

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    Our Greatness / Our Pride


    Ito ay isang Cebuano na salita.

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    Hanggang ngayon ay nananatili parin itong palaisipan sa mga tao.

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