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How puritan congregations establish self governments in the colonies


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    What would happen if internal criticism is not practiced by historians?


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    the answer is the answer

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    The first Chairperson of the Philippine Executive Commission is Jorge Vargas


    The Philippine Executive Commission was established during World War 2. During that time, the Philippines are under the Japanese Occupation and the country has no official government to do official functions and responsibilities. The Philippine Executive Commission, headed by Jorge Vargas was instituted and tasked to forefront the assumption of government functions here in the Philippines.

    Jorge Vargas was a businessman, philanthropist and a civic leader. Before becoming the chairperson of the commission, he was the acting secretary of the Department of National Defense under the Quezon administration.

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    Ang wika ay isang paraan ng pananalita para maunawaan ng isang tao kung ano ang pinapahiwatig ng isang tao

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How puritan congregations establish self governments in the colonies...