Ano ang nagawa ni draco sa athens


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    He replaced the prevailing system of oral law and blood feud by a written code to be enforced only by a court of law. Draco was the first democratic legislator, requested by the Athenian citizens to be a lawgiver for the city-state, but the citizens were fully unaware that Draco would establish laws[1] characterized by their harshness.

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    In 1519 the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan (c. 1480-1521), who was searching for fame and riches, set out from Spain with five ships to find a western sea route to the Spice Islands. Along the way, he explored the Magellan Strait and became the first European to reach the Pacific Ocean.

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    There are many drastic changes that affected the timeline of the world's prehistory, most of them is due to natural forces. In the Ice Age, prehistoric humans used the ice bridges to travel around the world to find food and a decent place to live. The experiences built among them through their travels makes their bond to grow deeper and stronger, enough for them to become a social group.

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