Define the history of travel communication​


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    True is the answer.

    oed is life
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    Ang industriya ay ang masaya at organic n abagay
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    Explanation: The Northern Territory National Emergency Response, also known as "The Intervention" and sometimes the abbreviation "NTER" (for Northern Territory Emergency Response) began with a media release by Mal Brough, Minister for Indigenous Affairs on 21 June 2007.[1] The media release served as ministerial regulation to implement a taskforce of eminent Australians, led by Magistrate Sue Gordon, chair of the National Indigenous Council. The role of the Taskforce was to oversee a list of at least 12 measures in the Northern Territory, which included discriminatory changes to welfare, compulsory health checks for all Aboriginal children, the acquisition of Aboriginal townships, and banning alcohol and pornography in prescribed Aboriginal communities. The measures also included increased policing with assistance from other jurisdictions; calling in the army for logistics and surveillance; appointing managers to all government business in designated communities; and improving housing, but establishing market-based rents for public housing.[1]


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    dayang makiling her mother ,Gat panahon her father and Gat dula the one who is inlove with Maria Makiling


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