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Is attending class for 5 days in a week is essential in your life? why and why not? ​


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    Because by attending your classes you become responsible, you gain new knowledge everyday and you get to socialize with the people in your school.


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    Andrew johnson, 17th president of america
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    Though gruesome, war caused the rapid development of technologies that we are using and enjoying today.


    A Male Wristwatch - A wristwatch was necessary to synchronize maneuvers and to deliver supplies during the war. It was designed to be durable and thus had bulky designs.Oil Rig - World War 1 begun with coal power, but the arms race to create powerful machines with an internal combustible engine that powered planes, tanks, supply trucks, and mechanized infantry lead humanity into the usage of oil. Today, Oil is a necessity for every economy. Prosthetic Limb - It was during WWI that the development and mass production of prosthetic limbs begun. This lead to the use of aluminum alloy instead of wood. Today, prosthetics are far more sophisticated with the addition of electronics.Canned Food - Canned food wasn't a new thing before WWI, but the armies needed a method to avoid food spoilage while being produced at massive amounts that could be easily delivered to the frontlines. Today, canned foods are more of a household necessity while the military developed new food for the soldiers called M.R.E.(meals-ready-to-eat).


    A woman voting - Women throughout the western world had proven their importance to the war effort and were given the right to vote in many countries throughout the first half of the 20th century.Standardized testing - In 1917 and 1918, the military tested more than 1.5 million men to determine what type of soldier someone is suited for. After the war, institutions of higher learning relied on the Alpha test to determine class placement for students, such as ACT or SAT in college placement.

    Causes of World War I

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Is attending class for 5 days in a week is essential in your life? why and why not? ​...