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What was the difference between the supreme court decisions in sweatt v. painter and brown v. board of education?


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    Sweatt ruled that “separate but equal” graduate and professional schools were constitutional. ... Sweatt struck down “separate but equal” public schools. Brown struck down “separate but equal” graduate schools.


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    Explain why the local government of Hialeah, Florida, abided by the Supreme Court decision despite the fact that residents overwhelmingly opposed the church and the Supreme Court had no power to enforce the decision.



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    This Article examines the use of history in legal interpretation through an empirical analysis of one of the most prominent examples of historical evidence in law: citations to The Federalist in Supreme Court Justices' published opinions. In particular, the Article examines a phenomenon that has occurred frequently over the last two decades, but has thus far been virtually ignored: the citation by different Justices to the same historical source (such as The Federalist) to support divergent or opposing historical interpretations of legal meaning. Although the use of historical evidence in constitutional interpretation is itself much debated, The Federalist continues to be cited as binding or persuasive authority by scholars and judges.
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    In this particular legal case (McCulloch v. Maryland), the Supreme Court decided that the United States Congress has the power to create the Second Bank of the United States in the state of Maryland. The Court invoked the Necessary and Proper Clause of the Constitution, which allowed the Federal government to pass laws not expressly provided for in the Constitution's list of express powers, provided those laws are in useful furtherance of the express powers of Congress under the Constitution.

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What was the difference between the supreme court decisions in sweatt v. painter and brown v. board...

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