Short script about history of philip ii


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    ask your self why you admire president duterte but foe me hes really a good president he sured are SAFETY first before his self like when he take the vaccine firs befor us to make sure its safe and to give us a courage to take the vaccine too

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    A santo is a piece of one of various religious art forms found in Spain and areas that were colonies of the Kingdom of Spain, consisting of wooden or ivory statues that depict various saints, angels, or Marian titles, or one of the personages of the Holy Trinity.

    A santero (female: santera) is a craftsperson who makes the image.

    Some santos which have gained greater public devotion among the faithful have also merited papal approval through canonical coronations.

    Santos remain a living tradition of religious iconography and folk art in Mexico, the Philippines, Puerto Rico and some other Caribbean islands, South and Central America, and the Southwestern United States, especially New Mexico.

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    ito sagot hehe

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    yan po pakizoom na lang

    About history of philippine sport pa suggest po ​
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    Early Philosophies are commonly used for educating the society in the violences of war, such as in China where Confucius wrote books to tell that the War should be stopped for the goodness of the coming generations

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    Tourism in the Philippines traces its origins during the ancient times when the first set of people chose to migrate through land bridges, followed by the other sets of migrations from the Malayan archipelago in the south and Taiwan in the north.



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