Ano po ba ung dula ni don pagusara na ang peke


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    Mali yan wala naman connect ang langit sa mga china eh 
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    The first women's magazine in the Philippines was El Hogar (The Home) it first came out in 1893.

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    Ang pagtulong sa Bottom Billion ay isang usapin na napakalawak at kakailanganin ang pinagsama-samang lakas, kakayanan, at rekurso ng mga malalaking bansa. Ilan sa mga bansang nabibilang ang mga populasyon sa bottom billion ay makikita sa kontinente ng Aprika at sa mga bansang hanggang ngayon ay balot ng kaguluhan at kagutuman.


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    What is a Dato?

    - In basic terms, a Dato is a person who governs a certain community, and is the leading captain in any wars their community participates in.  They are the highest ranking members of their community.

    What is a Witch?

    - A witch is an individual who has the ability to practice and utilize magical skills and abilities. The term  "witch" is not gender specific, and is referred to both men and women who possess this ability. A male witch is classified as a sorcerer, while a female witch is classified as a sorceress.

    What are the repercussions of insulting the Dato and a witch?

    - Laws were made in order to ensure that any man of low age will suffer the punishment of death whenever they are spotted insulting the dato or a witch.


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Ano po ba ung dula ni don pagusara na ang peke...