Task 10 DIRECTIONS: From Period of Activism to 21st Century Period, young
writers have contributed significance writings. Write the significant literary
historical events during those times on the ribbons below.


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    it is normal for bills to be debated in the upper and lower house of the congress, but the trial that the noli-fili/rizal bill underwent was beyond normal. with the sponsors of the bill and the opposition not only coming from the people inside of the legislative arm but also the inclusion of the catholic church in the debates for this bill.

    when the bill was brought to the senate by senator recto, there were but three who opposed it. it was when senator laurel sponsored the bill as the head of committee education that the exchange of arguments from the two sides started. the church played a big role in this fight because they are the ones who intervened with the approval and signing of this bill into a law.

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    Avram noam chomsky:   born december 7, 1928) is an american  linguist,  philosopher,  cognitive scientist,  historian,  social critic, and  political activist. sometimes described as "the father of modern linguistics,"
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    Answer is when a ruler denying citizens their right.
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    Lapu lapu's death also covers a lot of intrigues. there were no accounts that relate to his death. hence, native legends claim that lapu-lapu did not die but was turned into stone and is forever guarding the island of mactan. another version of his death claims that he died of forceful pull when his hands and legs were tied to four carabaos.
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Task 10 DIRECTIONS: From Period of Activism to 21st Century Period, young writers have contributed...