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Is a dragon fruit a fruit?

Yes or no?


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    answer:(a dragon fruit is a-Fruit/yes
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    Ye drangon fruit is fruit 8)

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    In a Positive Manner



    With the current state of the art communication devices, our civilization has experienced faster rates of communication due to the development of new devices. Here are some examples:

    Wired Telephones (1900) v. Smart Phones (2000)

    With the invention of the wired telephones, people were given the privilege to communicate with methods other than the standard letters. These wired telephones allowed us to communicate  with people from all over the world! But these of course, came with its flaws; they were big and clunky, they were very inconvenient, they lacked mobility, and of course, their only purpose was to call people.

    But with the invention of smartphones, these issues were immediately relieved. Smartphones are mobile, they're very convenient, they're small and can fit in your pocket, and they not only serve as a telephone for people, but also as devices  theycan use to do a variety of tasks.

    Handwritten Letters (500BC) v. Emails (1900)

    With the invention of handwritten letters dating as farback as the reign of the Persian queen Atossa, handwritten letters became the staple of sending messages between one location to another. This method was commonly uised by almost everyone who needed to send a message, but lacked the means to sned it personally due to their other matters. But with this invention, also has its disadvantages; this system of sending messages was very long and the time required to send the letter to the address and to get a letter back was inversely proportional to the distance needed to be covered by the couriers. Which brings urgent messages at a great disadvantage, and this means that getting a reply back can take weeks, even months!

    But with the invention of Emails, sending letters is now easier than ever. Whilst following a similar format with handrwritten letters (although digitalized), emails bring a huge advanatge. The proportion that handwritten letters previously had, is now removed. The only thing you need to wait for is the reply, because sending emails in our current generation can only take up seconds to send in EVERY part of the world.


    With the current advancements of technology, transportation has never been more convenient, from carriages to cars, boats to planes, etc. Travelling is less of a hassle than ever.

    Maps (6th Century BC) v. Digital Maps (2000)

    Starting from the 6th Century BC with Anaximander's first map representing the Earth's cylindrical, maps have been the staple for locating various locations. But throughout these times, all of the maps had to be written or printed out on paper, which made these maps (especially large ones), quite inconvenient and fragile.

    But with the development of digital maps, correlating to the development of smartphones, wecan now whip out our phone and just search for the location we're finding,  it can given us the best path to go to on our way there! With these digital maps, they are less fragile and more convenient due ot the factthat theycan be stored on one small device.

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    The first step to decision making is to think if it's right.


    If your making a wrong decision, the effect of it will go wrong all the way and will not end right. Think twice before making your decisions

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