How will you feel when you have a whole family?


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    happy because I can feel that they care about us and I am very grateful because I have a family that does not give up easily:)




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    happy because I experienced the good love of a parent

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    Does the internet provide us with new opportunities to gain greater insight about ourselves?

    For me, I would say yes if we talk about learning things online. Internet has a broad information available for all of us. If we go to a friendly or educational website, we can learn something out of the things we see. But if we go to unfriendly website definitely it can ruin us and somehow we became victims of fraud or any dangerous things made out of our curiosity. We can develop a clever mind and learned technical things which usually acquired by using technology. Using technology can boost our knowledge in different areas. Internet is good if it used goodly but it is used badly, it would destroy others as well as ourselves. Internet is good for us to be more competitive in all things but when it comes to values integration I would say the internet has no capability to do it. All information available in the internet whether it is bad or good, and it has a lifelong effect to the young minds.

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    (9,0) (6,0) is not a function.


    The input y has more than one output.

    The line crosses the relation more than once.

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How will you feel when you have a whole family?...