How will you feel when you have a whole family?


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    happy because I can feel that they care about us and I am very grateful because I have a family that does not give up easily:)




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    happy because I experienced the good love of a parent

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    Wire ⇒  hypotenuse = 12 ft

    Height from a point on the tree from the ground ⇒ opposite side = 10 ft

    The angle between the wire and the ground: Sin⁻¹ θ

    Sin⁻¹ θ = opposite/hypotenuse

    Sin⁻¹ θ = 10 ft/12 ft

    Sin⁻¹ θ = 0.833

    θ = 56.40°  :  56°  ⇒ the angle where the wire meets the ground.

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    The Embryonic is exempted in the ocean basin revolution.

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How will you feel when you have a whole family?...