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There were 108 people who joined a field trip. of this number, 35 of them were children while the rest where adults. if 40 were male adults, how many were female adults? what is the hidden question? ​


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    the hidden question:

    How many adults are in the field trip? 73


    Step-by-step explanation:



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    32/80 or 2/5

    Step-by-step explanation:

    You are just going to deduct the total number of members to the number of members who attended.


    The answer will be the members who didn't attended. If you ar going to state it in fraction, you just put the answer in the numerator and the the total number of members in the denominator, then simplify if necessary.

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    4.) C.There are 30 total pupils in Mrs. Marco's class ,3/5 of the class joined the field trip

    5.) D.18

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    For me, it is okay for health professionals to practice their field of specialization outside the country because we all know that Philippines is not that advanced yet in terms of medical technology. Practicing their specialization outside the country would help them broaden their knowledge and enhance their skills. They can always come back in their homeland if they want to and they would be able to use their learning to help their countrymen.

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    Hindi ko den Alam


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    i think is 2/24 or 1/12

    Step-by-step explanation:

    or i think is 3/16

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    The Dewey Decimal Classification assigns mathematics to division 510, with subdivisions for Algebra.

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    There are two common health professions namely, Doctors and nurses why? Because of many personal reasons. Some of them want to work outside the country because of an enticing higher salary,some of them want to have a permanent residency or migrate with their families and some of them want to gain knowledge, experience and training for career advancement.   

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    They are just looking for a greener pasture abroad


    Health professionals in the country took their degree with two possible reasons, first, they are compassionate and caring and second, a higher pay abroad. Just like nurses, it is undeniable that most hospital in the Philippines, both public and private, cannot compensate them properly leading to burn out and stress both physically and emotionally as they also have personal needs to attend and mouths to feed. Nowadays, there are shortage of nurses in the said country and the government thinks that the only solution to address the said issue is to limit the application of nurses who are seeking a greener pasture abroad.

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There were 108 people who joined a field trip. of this number, 35 of them were children while the re...