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X2+4x=96 solve the roots by completing​


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    Bro this is si very difficult plss listen to you teacher next time
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    Confidence interval 
    your welcome
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    answer: The possible next number would be 1,113,122,114.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The answer is by saying how many different digits there were in the previous number.


    We start with 4.


    There is one 4, right?

    That is what we do for the next number:


    All we have to do is say what the digit is and how many of them there are.

    So the next number would say one 1, since there is only one 1 in 14, and one 4, since there is only one 4 in 14:


    We keep on going.

    3,114, 132,114, 1,113,122,114, 311,311,222,114, 13,211,321,322,114, 1,113,122,113,121,113,222,114, 31,131,122,211,311,123,113,322,114, 132,113,213,221,133,112,132,123,222,114, 11,131,221,131,211,132,221,232,112,111,312,111,213,322,114, 31,131,122,211,311,123,113,321,112,131,221,123,113,111,231,121,123,222,114, etc.

    Hope you found this helpful.

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X2+4x=96 solve the roots by completing​...